Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Reform Enemies Getting Creative

The search is on. For the poison pill, that is. Even as the Wisconsin State Journal today editorialized that state lawmakers have run out of excuses for inaction on ethics reform, the Assembly’s ethics reform stonewaller-in-chief, Speaker-elect Mike Huebsch, is telling reporters that he and his legislative allies plan to try attaching an amendment to the ethics bill requiring a photo ID to vote in Wisconsin.

The photo ID requirement does not have the votes to pass in the new Legislature as a stand-alone bill. Repeated attempts to enact it in the past failed. It is a divisive and highly partisan idea that could take the “bi” out of bipartisan support for ethics reform legislation in a real hurry.

Opponents of ethics reform know that if a clean ethics bill is given an up-or-down vote, it will pass in both houses and will be signed into law by the governor. They know the only way to kill reform is to lace the legislation with poison. And Huebsch just tipped the obstructionists’ hand.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you're a little too partisan yourself on this issue. Most Wisconsinites agree that a photo ID requirement when voting would be the best way to prevent ethics violations during elections. Other reforms are welcomed as well including tighter control on a governor's ability to sell state contracts to campaign contributors.

Your partisan attacks against Republicans contribute nothing to the process of developing a sound solution to this problem. They simply add fuel to the fire of political rhetoric. I suggest that you practice respectful disagreement. You might find that approach to be more successful than your typical false assumptions of the intentions within the Republican leadership.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought it was interesting that WDCC doesn't disclose its donors. As Twain said: "To be good is noble. To tell others to be good is even more noble and far less trouble."