Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Starting A Ruckus

At last Saturday's Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo, organizers of the People's Legislature announced one of the next steps for this multi-partisan, grassroots reform movement – the formation of a "Ruckus Corps" of citizen volunteers who will create a little havoc in fighting government corruption and pressing for action on reform at the Capitol and in their own communities.

Training sessions will be organized for later this fall to prepare Ruckus Corps volunteers to engage in direct action, including acts of civil disobedience, at the Capitol and in the home districts of state lawmakers. The training also will aim to equip the corps with community organizing and reform advocacy skills.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the Ruckus Corps should call the Democracy Campaign at 608-255-4260 or toll-free at 888-455-4260, or drop us an e-mail at wisdc@wisdc.org and provide a mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.


redvest said...

Well Jb bought his election now we have things to look forward to (by looking back) like this gem:


Below is I found out about JB Van Van Hollen. Judge for yourself if it's not a good time to stop this kind of corruption. The only problem is then we would have to stop Jim Doyle too as he is apart of this very same corruption. Do people have the stones enough to call out Jim Doyle as a corrupt snake or not? Considering Doyle's long history of doing business with Hurtgen, which goes all the way back to the tobacco settlement monies, and his family ties to Hurtgen and Prange, I'm not sure the two party system can stand calling JB out and Doyle as well. But until this is done Wisconsin plitics will continue the cycle of corruption that it exists in today. Wisconsin has to rid ourselves of people like Hurtgen and Prange who play both sides of the fence and make poltics their "industry" becasue all they do is fuel the corruption.

JB Van Hollen's connections to Hurtgen: the brother-in-law of his campaign manager Phil Prange:


Hurtgen Indictment:




Two out of the three in the Hurtgen have pled guilty leaving Hurtgen the odd man out- unless he's cooperating with the feds then Doyle may be in big trouble:


The Prange-Hurtgen-Doyle connection: Why are these "Republicans Giving to Doyle?"


Why is Phil Prange, Van Hollen's campaign manager, and his business partner Ed Aprahamien giving thousand of dollars to Doyle?


Here's more good news for JB and his camp, Prange et al:


Hurtgen is either on his own as a defendant or as many have suspected co-operating with the feds. If he is co-operating then it's time to duck and cover...Maybe that article in the Isthmus about how he was such a "good guy"
who got lead "astray" as Billy Mac stated was just a plant so that people in Madison would keep their heads together during the investigation?

Anyway, maybe JB's first job will be investigating his campaign manager Prange and Prange's Brother-in-Law Hurtgen?


But how do we get rid of these government deal monger, snakes-in the-grass, the end justfy the means, professional leaches on our State Government?

RanDomino said...

bad name choice; there's already the Ruckus Society.