Friday, December 22, 2006

Big Radio Backs Down

Chalk one up for the power of protest. The news is spreading this morning that media conglomerate Clear Channel is reversing its decision to replace the progressive talk radio format on Madison's WXXM 92.1 FM "The Mic" with sports programming.

We blogged on this back in mid-November and urged people to join the protest, which included a petition drive, a December 12 rally that drew an overflow crowd and street theater in the form of a mock funeral procession to deliver the more than 5,000 petition signatures in support of keeping progressive talk on The Mic.

It worked. Clear Channel backed down. Citizens struck a blow for holding corporate media accountable for using the public's airwaves in a way that serves the public interest and respects local community wishes and needs. What happened here will send ripples across the country.


Russ said...

You forgot to mention Clear Channel must find advertizers to support a liberal talk show. If they can, great.

Anonymous said...

If you were actually non-partisan as you try to claim, you would NOT care.....
the proof is in your past.