Thursday, February 22, 2007

Computer Crashes

The state is pulling the plug right and left on major computer projects. The latest casualty is a $28 million sales-tax tracking system for the state Department of Revenue.

Which inspired state Representative Sue Jeskewitz, a Menomonee Falls Republican, to remark: "No private business would spend $26 million or $30 million for a project that doesn't work."

Maybe, maybe not. But the state has managed to find more than a few private businesses that will gladly take tens of millions of the taxpayers' dollars without delivering a product that works. Like American Management Systems, now part of CGI Group. And Accenture.

Speaking of Accenture, don't be surprised if the state's contract with the company to develop a statewide voter registration system is the next big computer project to crash and burn. The arrangement is a disaster.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is disturbing that the state ends up wasting money on fruitless computer projects. This is not to defend that practice, because it is wrong, but just to note that I believe it does happen all the time, even in private business.

I am an engineer that has worked as an Information Technology engineer for 24 years. One big reason these computer projects fail is because managers without the current technical savvy needed are the decision makers. Often they do not listen to the workers that really understand these computer systems and do not even want their input. Hence, bad decisions are made (by bully managers) and the project fails. This is NOT the only reason, just one I decided to mention because I feel it is a major contributor.