Saturday, May 05, 2007

Your Party. Delivered.

So the head of the state Democratic Party is a lobbyist for AT&T. Talk about your metaphors.

The news that Joe Wineke has joined the telecommunication giant's stable of hired guns evokes memories of the reaction to a shameful and scandalous episode in another time and place. As they said then, "say it ain't so, Joe."

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Anonymous said...

When Wineke ran for party chair two years ago, he had originally planned to continue his lobbying work, but was met with major objection from the party faithful and hence promised not to do lobbying work if elected.

The party re-elects it's party chair next month at the Wisconsin Democratic Party State Convention. This move on Wineke's part would indicate that he may not be running for re-election, though he's made comments to the contrary.

Joe's clearly got some explaining to do. Has Gov. Doyle been asked what he thinks of this situation?