Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Legislators Foul Up WMC's Script

The state's largest business organization recently began airing radio ads commending five Assembly Republicans - four of whom won their 2006 races by the skin of their teeth - for opposing increases in business and other taxes contained in the Senate Democrats' version of the proposed 2007-09 state budget.

The ads are being run on behalf of Representatives Lee Nerison, Terry Moulton, John Murtha, Karl Van Roy and Brett Davis. But it seems these guys fouled up the script that Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce had for them.

The ad scripts are identical for each lawmaker and use two women conversing who say, in part, "none of us can afford higher taxes. But you know what? We're lucky. Why? Our state representative (name) is fighting to keep the Senate tax hikes from becoming law. He says taxes in Wisconsin are already too high. In fact, he's already voted against the tax hikes."

But within days of these radio ads, the five voted on September 18 in favor of a $12.3 billion education spending bill that translates into an $80 increase in property taxes on the average home. The education package they approved contained most of the school aid levels sought by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle and Senate Democrats.

Click here and scroll to September 14 to hear the ads.


Anonymous said...

I must have missed your criticism of the ads that were run against these four by the tax-takers who love the new taxes porposed by Doyle and the Senate Democrats.

Keep up the good, fair and balanced work.

Patriarch said...

Mike McCabe, you are a legitimate voice for liberal Democrats. But give up the non partisan, good government facade. We can argue the merits of this flimsy analysis later, but first....who funds these attacks on the Republicans from your so-called government watchdog group?

You will refuse to answer.


Anonymous said...

Mike, where is the list of the people that fund YOU?