Wednesday, June 04, 2008

'I Got It, I Got It . . . No, You Take It'

Investigators did the old Alphonse and Gaston routine with what appeared to be improper phone calls Supreme Court justice-elect Michael Gableman made when he was Ashland County district attorney. So the truth about whether he used his government office for personal political gain will remain buried.


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Anonymous said...

It's curious how all strata in our "classless" society in the USA accept without question that the higher one's status, the more one can get away with, and the more indulgence and understanding cushions one's personal needs and desires, and lapses of good judgment and integrity.

The single parent at a minimum wage job cannot even accept a phone call from or about her child that would interrupt one minute of her "so valuable time" at work, much less call out to inquire after a family member's health or well-being.

I've witnessed adult employees being forced to request permission from a supervisor to "go to the bathroom", over a portable broadcast radio system, and then be subject to humiliating inquiries and orders to "hurry it up" before being granted permission, with all other employees forced to listen to such communications.

It just wouldn't be suitable for the aristocrats to be subject to such scrutiny, now would it?