Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank you, Granny

I first met Doris Haddock in February 2003, at a forum on campaign finance reform at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The woman affectionately known as Granny D already was known far and wide by then, having completed her 3,200-mile trek across America to demonstrate her concern for the health of our democracy and dramatize the need for campaign finance reform. I was privileged to be able to see Doris once or twice a year since that first time our paths crossed.

News came this morning of Granny's death at the age of 100. She was . . . no, make that is . . . a true American hero and an endless source of inspiration. I know I join a multitude of admirers in mourning her passing, but also in celebrating a life exceptionally well lived.

I'm glad I met you, Doris.


Paula Mohan said...

That forum was so much fun to put together, in light of the state caucus scandals, and Doris was happy to serve on the panel along with Mike, Bill Kraus, representing Common Cause, and Ken Mayer, from the UW-Madison political science department. Though less than 5 feet tall, Doris dominated the panel when she spoke.
She never let any physical limitations hold her back- certainly her age did not.

That visit was also a month before the invasion of Iraq and Doris spoke to students about what WWI, WWII, and Vietnam had been like to live through. She remembered them all clearly and her stories were remarkable.

Anonymous said...

This morning on the TV show The View, Whoopi Goldberg gave a shout out to Granny D. That was nice!