Monday, April 12, 2010

Citizens United For Poetic Justice

Note to Citizens United: It's generally wise to be careful what you wish for.

You didn't much like it when we started a protest of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on election financing in the case known as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and called it "Citizens United Against Citizens United." You considered our effort trademark infringement and sent us a letter demanding that we cease and desist immediately. Not wanting to encourage frivolous litigation, we happily changed the name of our protest to United Citizens Against Citizens United.

You would have been better off if you'd left well enough alone. The stink you raised inspired hundreds more to join our Facebook group and sign our online petition. And then not long after we dropped the phrase we coined in favor of another that says the same darn thing and is a palindrome to boot, another group snatched up the original.

Part of me wants to say "serves you right." Another part needs to say "thanks."

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Anonymous said...

Go to the primaries and write-in a corporation name. Since corporations are people this should be perfectly reasonable. They run the country anyway, may as well make it"legit". I would love to see some of the talking point parrots lose to McDonalds Corp. The back-pedalling would be fun to watch. Ronald could even offer a special eat crow buffet.