Friday, May 07, 2010

Shadow Group Launches First Nasty TV Ad In 2010 Governor's Race

A secretive Democratic electioneering group launched the first television ad of the 2010 Wisconsin governor's race criticizing Republican candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann for their positions on state tax policy.

The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, which is connected with the Greater Wisconsin Committee, refuses to say how much it is spending on its phony issue ad and where the ad is running. The unregulated group, which has spent an estimated $8.2 million to back mostly Democratic candidates in general election and spring races since 2006, is among several so-called issue ad groups that support Democratic and Republican candidates with negative mailings, broadcast ads and other activities at election time.

The ad criticizes Neumann and Walker for saying they would repeal recent tax policy changes that increased income taxes for people earning $300,000 or more a year and a corporate tax known as combined reporting which increases taxes on large businesses by taking into account their out-of-state operations.

The ad shows pictures of Neumann and Walker along with a picture of former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney and tells listeners "not to make the same mistake again."

Repealing the income and corporate tax changes would put bigger financial burdens on the middle class and working families, the ad says.

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