Friday, March 18, 2011

The Great Recession's Great Divide

I've never seen people in Wisconsin more divided politically than right now. Our elected officials are hopelessly polarized, but we need to come to terms with the fact that it's because the people they represent are just as polarized.

Two messages that showed up in my e-mail inbox within minutes of each other yesterday were vivid reflections of that polarity.

One said "I looked at your website and unfortunately, your claim to be non-partisan must only mean you don't include political parties. Your (website) speaks loudly for who you really are – pure liberal and leftist. Why lie about who you are? Oh wait...that's an attempt to mask yourself in a cloak of darkness so the 'un-thinkers' of the world only see your false face. Such poor behavior."

The other said "I counted 8 articles written about Scott Walker in the last 6 years on your blog. Maybe there were more, but I didn’t see them when I did a search on your site. And I found 91 articles which were less than flattering about Governor Jim Doyle. (T)he propensity to attack a Democrat and not attack a Republican so much is a little questionable here. So, do you really think you made things 'better' by making it easier to get Democrats to switch over and vote for Walker? I don't. You might want to consider that, the next time you work at being 'neutral.'"

With apologies to Abraham Lincoln, you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Or maybe, at this moment of foul moods, there's no pleasing much of anyone.


Robin said...

You please me.

Jen Thompson said...

I agree having observed both sides of the issue. I am gravely concerned as the focus (perhaps understandably) degrades to name calling and pigeon holing the opposite side. Same dialogue is visible from both sides ("People have had enough" "American freedom at stake", etc.) targetting the "Them." (insert tea party or democrat depending on your stance.) It's interchangeable on one level.

We have to find a way to work together or at least discuss together opposing view points realizing we are one state. I don't mean Walker, I mean the people of Wisconsin. I'm not hopeful right now.

historyfelon said...

If you want more proof of your comment, Mike, just go to any on-line comment site for a newspaper (mine is the Appleton Post-Crescent) and read the discussions..then look at the "thumbs up or down..+ or -, or whatever to show agreement. People will split on someone's comment even when it is simply stating a fact..some statistic or the name that another poster got wrong or a date! How can you agree or disagree with a correction to a factual error? Make a state like "People have a right to disagree..and you'll get negative votes! I've taken to posting the question.."Would the people who voted 'down" on this please explain why..thank you'..". No responses yet. not good.

Tom McCann said...

When arguing against the corruption of power, you will always be accused of being against the party in power. Soon people will realize that the party in power is not the issue, but the actions that are being taken and reported in WDC reports.

Unknown said...

Maybe the GOP think this website represents the left side but I think WDC represents democracy and the GOP do not.