Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Falk Heads Outside Wisconsin For Campaign Cash

Turns out Kathleen Falk, a Democrat who wants to face Republican Governor Scott Walker in a likely recall election, plans on hitting up special interests for campaign cash at a Chicago fundraiser Friday.

This, after Falk's campaign and other Democrats have criticized Walker for crisscrossing the country in recent months to raise millions of dollars from outside Wisconsin.

Falk campaign aide Scot Ross says his boss "is riding a couple of hours to meet with environmental friends and supporters" and this event doesn't compare to Walker's out-of-state fundraising.

Well, yes it does in a couple of ways.

First, Falk's Chicago event is just as much an out-of-state fundraiser as the appeals Walker has been aptly criticized for making outside Wisconsin.

And second, the event's invitation shows it is an effort to draw continued support from out-of-state labor interests that are already spending big money through an outside group to get Falk elected just as corporate interests outside Wisconsin are doling out millions to keep Walker in office.

Former Democratic Senator Russ Feingold says using massive amounts of out-of-state money in a Wisconsin election is a losing strategy in the public's eye. "By funneling out-of-state special interest money to support Kathleen Falk’s campaign, Wisconsin for Falk muddies what had been absolutely crystal clear waters in the recall effort. Up until now, the only beneficiary of ominous super PAC support was Governor Scott Walker. That can no longer be said, and because of that, Kathy Falk has been forced to cede what could have been a powerful strategic advantage, namely the complete rejection of support from dubious organizations that the American public overwhelmingly rejects."

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