Friday, April 12, 2013

Ron Johnson Ain't Gun Shy, And Here's Why

Republican Senator Ron Johnson's unsuccessful threat to prevent gun regulation legislation from being considered in the U.S. Senate this week shouldn't be much of a surprise.

The National Rifle Association despises gun regulation of any kind and Johnson had over a million reasons to side with the group to kill the gun registration bill, which ended up receiving overwhelming bipartisan approval from his colleagues.

Turns out the NRA reported spending more than any other outside special interest group to support Johnson's 2010 election victory over incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold.

Four dozen SuperPACs and nonprofit groups representing the Democratic and Republican parties and an array of powerful special interests reported spending $4.7 million in the Johnson-Feingold contest.  The NRA was Johnson's biggest benefactor and also spent more than any other outside group on the list - $1.18 million - or 25 percent of the total.


Keever said...

Well surprise, surprise. That guy has never had the interests of Wisconsinites at heart-just his donors.

Anonymous said...

Ron Johnson was a mistake to begin with and is now an even larger error in judgment by the people of Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is truly an embarassment for the state of Wisconsin. His ignorance was demonstrated during his recent comments regarding Hillary Clinton, but it was also quite evident because of his gun measure vote. We must put forward an all-out effort to have him defeated in the next election.