Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hard Times

A week rarely goes by without word of another state newspaper reporter leaving the trade. Our state's not unique . . . it's happening everywhere. NPR just aired an excellent story focusing on the Hartford Courant and what it means to our democracy if newspapers like the Courant go away. In These Times just ran an article about the vanishing press corps in our nation's capital.

Democracy cannot long survive without a vigorous and always inquiring news industry. If newspapers go the way of the dinosaur, something will have to take its place. I just heard of a new enterprise called Your News. Visitors to this web-based news service not only can consume the site's content, they can contribute to it. Check it out.

Maybe this is what the future looks like.

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Rebecca said...

I attended BlogWorld Last September and took the Citizen Journalism Training. I was taught by Journalism professors and sat next to a journalist who had been let go from a San Diego newspaper he had worked for for 25 years.

These same journalists and journalism professors now want to learn more about blogging in a big way. They have much to teach at the same time.

It is a different world.