Monday, April 02, 2007

Chipping In

For anyone who still doesn't believe special interest money flows to power, check out the difference in contributions the Senate Democrats are commanding for a round of golf with them this May now that they hold the majority, versus last year when they were in the minority.

In May 2006, the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee's golf fundraiser at the House on the Rock Resort in Spring Green cost $250 per golfer, or $975 per foursome.

Enter the November 2006 general election. The Senate Dems went from being down 19-14 to winning an 18-15 majority until at least 2008. Lots of important stuff going on until then, particularly passage of the proposed 2007-09 state budget which legislators will be doing most of their work on in May and June.

The committee's May 18, 2007 fundraiser at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva costs $700 per golfer, or $2,500 per foursome. But that's not all. The Senate Dems have a whole list of options - at a cost - for those who can't golf worth a crap but want the Senate Dems to know they are with them.

You can be a "hole sponsor" for $750 per person or $3,000 per foursome. Hole sponsors are for people who are playing or unable to attend. The sponsors will be thanked in the event's program and on signs at the hole they sponsor. Nice, eh?

Now if you want to golf and eat breakfast with Senate Majority Leader Judy Robson and Senator Russ Decker, co-chair of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, that's $900 per person, or $3,250 per foursome.

In addition to getting to chit-chat about your favorite policy, perk, program or pork with the party in control, you get free stuff - an embroidered State Senate Democrats golf towel, a sleeve of logo balls, tees, range balls and a 5-by-7 group photo. Whoaa.

If you don't want anything to do with golf and you're on a tight budget, just eating breakfast with Robson and Decker is the best option at $250. Must be quite an omelet.


Anonymous said...

Why not mention that the RACC (Assembly Republicans) and CERS (Senate Republicans) golf events last year cost $1000 per player, $300 more than the Senate Dems event. Why not mention that the event was moved from a low priced golf course in Spring Green to a more expensive course in Lake Geneva, hence at least part of the increase. And why not mention that at $210 or $250 per player in 2006, the event was WAY underpriced compared to other golf outings.

This is in no way "news."

Anonymous said...

It's news, hon. It's also commentary. That means we're getting two for the price of one. Clearly the WDC needs to raise their prices here.

Reading for comprehension Anon, you would have seen that the post is about THE CHANGE IN PRICES after the November Dem sweeps. NOT a comparison of Rep v. Dem Escort Service prices. And the seductive lure of breakfast with Robson...oh heck, I'm not even going to go there.

Anyway - Anon. forgot to tell us how much Reps charge to name THEIR holes. In my little world that would be news too.

Funny post - I'll be back.